Biniatta Trade LP is a Scottish company that has been involved in the international trade of agricultural produce, clothing, textile and synthetic materials.

Our company is managed by a group ofhard working persons with years of experience in international trade.

A recent slander campaign on the internet has made allegations that our company is involved with the Russian Federation and financing of political campaigns.

For avoidance of all doubt, we clearly state that this is not true.

 – We deny having financing, ties or beneficial owners in the Russian Federation;
 – We deny having political affiliations in an the Russian Federation, Albania, the United States or any other country;
 – We deny having any kind of agreements with lobbying, political consultancy, think tank or similar organization;

Nevertheless, the absolutely unwarranted attention to our enterprise based on fundamentally incorrect sensationalist journalism has left us in hardship with our business partners, corporate service providers and financial partners.

Because of this, Biniatta Trade LP is suspending active business activities for an indefinite period.

Biniatta Trade LP and its partners are in the process of receiving legal counsel on questions of seeking damages from publications including, but not limited to, “Mother Jones” and we reserve the right to do so against any party that had participated in the spreading of false, damaging infomation regarding Biniatta Trade LP.

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